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World-class LBJ Presidential Library

LBJ Presidential Library

An interesting and very exceptional place to visit in Austin, Texas is the LBJ Presidential Library, This is located on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin. This library has artifacts that are expected and are belonging to the president. The presidential papers and other peculiar exhibits at the museum make visitors hair rising. The splendid part of the museum is that the effective exploration of the president’s career and life events by using all media. This activity is unique and useful to all the visitors to the library, The other interesting part of the visit would be visualizing the records about president’s photographs and holiday cards arranged in a factual and detailed way.

lbj library

The library is present on a 30-acre site having historical documents and photos. The other unique feature of the place is that the collection of conversations of the president over the phone is available. The ten-story building has a big hall where one can find the archive collection inside the glass. This glass-encased section is top-notch for viewing. Every year, it is estimated that the building is visited by at least one lakh people with great expectations. Another special feature of the building is having the 54,000 objects donated by the president. Antiquities, postage stamps, and coins used by the president are displayed for the visitors. The Oval office furniture is adding value to the visitors.

Objects donated

The objects donated by President consist of the products used and bought by him and the first lady. The visitors feel sensational on seeing the object directly. The pens, paper, clothing, desk, and lamp used by both the president and the first lady are also included in the objects displayed at the museum.

The readers of the records may get some details about the President and the first lady of the country. The political career of the President is known by the documents available in the library. Most of the reviews about the library say the details available in the library about American history under the presence of Johnson is more useful to go through. The readers of the details give the feel of very enthusiastic, nostalgic, and informative.

LBJ foundation

A nonprofit organization founded to support the library is the LBJ Foundation. This foundation also supports the school of public affairs. The prime task of the foundation is to explore the museum exhibits through outreach programs and education. it also helps researchers and other scholars by providing scholarships through the foundation. Also, it is involved in extending financial help to needy students through LBJ school.

The store at LBJ contains All the way with LBJ, Ladybird, Original campaign memorabilia, just for kids, Ladybird wildflower mug can do paperweight replica and where we all meet. The cost of these items varies from one to another. The customer can shop for all products by theme. Many offers like Vietnam waR DVD and American experience DVD are available for the interested customers. You can also avail of the photos, posters, and prints at the building for sale.

Membership of LBJ Library

The major advantage for the visitors is that they can become a member of the Library The member can contribute something for the education programs of the LBJ School and foundation. There are different sets of membership norms available for you. The complete details about membership for a person are given on the website.

Library’s working hours

The working hours the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum are from 9 am to 5 pm for the visitors. This place is closed on special days like New Years’ day. The entry into the library is charged as per the category of the people. The adults are charged at $10 per person. The college students are given some consideration of charge at 3$ per person. The people who are between the ages group 13 to 18 are also charged at 3$. The kids who fall between the age of 12 and still younger are not charged. The public can use the public transport system to visit the place and free parking is available for them.

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