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Exemplary Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Nature lovers’ heaven is Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, a botanical garden of Texas. This garden is named after its co-founder Claudia Alta Taylor. The major goal of the co-founder of this center is to educate the interested or co-workers in Botany on various types of plants’ planting and nurturing. This center has spread interest among Texas people for gardening projects. This garden is the base for conducting research on native plants and is the largest library in the United States of America.


The visitors from across the globe are thronging the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center on a daily basis. The beauty of the garden is praised by the visitors and has become attached to the hearts of people. The wide varieties of native plants like bluebonnets and evening primrose are adding value to the garden. There are more than 970 species of flora belonging to Texas that are found at the botanical garden gives a jaw-dropping feel to the visitors. These species on 284 acres of gardens are eye-catching and mesmerizing the minds of onlookers. To our surprise, the garden has hiking trails in a large area for the garden lovers.

The visitor can enjoy shopping at the gift shop for their friends and family people. The observation tower gives some relaxation to the people who visit the center. The cafe in the garden gives comfort and energy to see the vast areas of the garden with full enthusiasm. The best seasons for the visitors are spring and summer months. During these months, people can view varieties of plants. Another advantage of visiting during these seasons is that the people can see blooming flowers majorly.

The botanical garden opens from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for visitors from all parts of the world. However, you need to know the visiting hours for the cafe, and gift shop that has different visiting hours. The ticket price to enter into the garden varies from kids to adults. The children’s entry price is 10$ and for adults, it is 12$. The senior citizen is charged at 10$ and for the kids aged between 5 and 7 is charged at 6$. If you have small kids aged under four are allowed to enter into the garden free. Another advantage of the botanical green to the visitors is that they can enjoy free guided tours on a weekly basis.

The botanical garden is a very much liked venue for the public for wedding events and conventions. The center is also used for conducting corporate events, birthday parties, and social gatherings. The nonprofit organizations are given some privileges by the center through discount. This place is wide open to people everywhere throughout the year. The mission of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is to invigorate the conservation of native plants through education and outreach programs. The educational and research work is carried out by botanical professionals to cope with the conservation of native plant species. As a part of learning, the center is conducting many varieties of education programs for adults, yours, and kids.

The adult programs are aimed at incorporating knowledge about native plant species in Texas. Not only plant knowledge but also photography and writing also included. Gardening and photography are the other major programs included for adults. The major work of garden learned professionals is to conserve plants and improve cities. The installation of green roofs and the effective use of research by ecosystem and landscape work are also carried out.

The plant conservation tasks of the professionals of the botanical garden are widely recognized around the country. The main task includes

research on rare plant species,

seeds of rare plant species are collected and banked

documenting collected plants’ data

Information spread

scientists control on plants

educating people about rare plant species

Asides skilled professionals and learned staff of the botanical garden, the volunteers’ help is also requested by the officials. The volunteers can help them by assisting the scientist in research work, garden work, and many more.

If you visit the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, at Austin, TX you will learn a lot about rare plant species, and conservation practiced carried out at the center. Indeed, your knowledge about Native plant species is enhanced further.

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