Things to Know About Covert Park at Mount Bonnell in Austin

Things to Know About Covert Park at Mount Bonnell

Covert Park is a park spread over an area of over 5.5 acres. Mount Bonnell is one of the large and tallest hills in Austin with a 775 feet high peak situated in the Covet Park. It is one of the popular hotspots not only for tourists but for locals also. One can reach this high spot to have a gorgeous view after climbing a number of steps. You cannot use a stroller on its steep climb but you can explore a mini trail at its top along with viewing the skyline of the city. The information provided in this write-up will help you to know Covert Park AT Mount Bonnell Austin more closely.


How to reach Covert Park AT Mount Bonnell

From the Texas State Capitol, you can take bus number 19 to reach near your destination as it will take 30 minutes to walk to Covert Park at Mt. Bonnell. Any means of mass transportation like the bus system of the city is not available in this area. So you will have to hire a cab or a share riding service or drive your own vehicle to reach here. However, neither there is any parking area nor you can enjoy the bathroom facility at Covert Park.

How to reach the top of Mt. Bonnell?

 Though the peak of Mount Bonnell is 775 feet high still it can be climbed very easily with the help of nearly 100 steps. But you should climb on these steps carefully as they are not made evenly. You can reach the top in nearly 20 minutes even after taking a pause after a few steps to relax and breathe in. You can use the support of railing in the middle of the steps. But people on wheelchairs cannot climb this mountain. Parents usually encourage their kids to count steps to keep them engaged as well as avoid the feeling of tiredness.

Seasonal expectations

Though you can visit Covert Park at Mount Bonnell throughout the year but in the spring and summer season, you can find greenery on everything here. But it can be challenging for you to visit this mount during spring if you are allergy-sensitive.

In the months of January and February, there can be a lot of pollen spewed in abundance by the trees of Ashe juniper which can create problems even for non-allergic people what to say of allergy-sensitive people.

In the months of July and August, the temperature in this region rises over 100 degrees F. But to attract people, they allow them to watch fireworks displayed at various locations in Austin and its nearby areas on weekends in the summer season. There you can find large boulders to sit on or carry a small chair or pad for you as you would like to spend some time there to have a view of the city as well as watching fireworks. Some of the major events like football games and auto races etc. are also organized here during summers.

At Zilker Park, an ABC kite festival is organized in the latter part of the month of March. You can see thousands of kites in the sky on a clear day. During this festival, several contests are also organized like making the most creative and unusual kites by allowing people to use their creative skills.

The long stairs of the Covet Part at Mount Bonnell Austin are used by fitness freaks for a workout during cooler months. You can find a number of people huffing behind when you are climbing up the stairs.

What to bring with you

While visiting Covert Park at Mount Bonnell Austin, you must pack a picnic lunch, a lot of water, a camera, hats with a wide brim, and sunscreen with you. But you should take everything in reasonable quantities as you have to carry them while climbing up over 100 steps to reach the top. You will have to remain in direct sunlight to have the best view of the city as a small part of the viewing platform is shaded. Very few places are designed to sit there as people usually reach there, take some photos and go back after taking a few snacks. You should wear shoes with good traction as you have to walk on rocky paths on the hilltop but if it is wet then you should walk carefully.

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