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Statesman Bat Observation Center Austin

Statesman Bat Observation Center

Bats have always been something that people have feared due to the diseases that they transmit to others. However, to many they are also fascinating creatures that people should make more of an effort to learn more about the places where bats live with each other. It’s an event that you wouldn’t get to see otherwise unless you really made the effort to do it. Doing this allows you to see the different lifestyles of other kinds of animals. You are also surrounded by a crowd of people who are also learning what this experience is like with you.

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One of the more impressive things about this observation center is that it is on congress avenue which is one of the largest bridges that you will find in Austin. Another important aspect of this experience is that you won’t be able to take photos if you are up-close and personal. Not being able to take photos creates less distractions and makes the experience more memorable depending on who you are. You can only take pictures if you are on a cruise or a small boat. Bright lights will also cause the bats to react in a way that makes them afraid and not want to be there.

Safety is really important to make sure that you aren’t in a worse condition then when you first went to this place. Bats easily get afraid and try to defend themselves, even if they aren’t in any immediate danger. This could harm you and scare off other bats who are also just trying to defend themselves. If you see a bat that is injured and needs helps talk to one of the staff and tell them where the bat is. You never know what diseases the bats could be carrying if you happen to touch them.

A good part of watching these bats is that there are strict rules that you have to follow to make sure everyone has a good experience. For the most part, people have to be quiet to insure that the bats don’t get scared and run away. This creates an environment where everyone has the peach of mind that it will be a quiet experience. You won’t be able to use drones at a close distance because that could potentially hurt the bats that have no idea as to what a drone is.

The vegetation can be a problem for those of you who want to get closer to the experience. Plants have overgrown and taken over parts of the bridge due to neglect from others. Usually, this isn’t a problem, but if you try to go there, some of you may touch poison ivy and have irritable scratches. If you are going there, try not to go to large areas of plants so that doesn’t happen. There are also bats that might pop out at any time, so that also be a potential harm if you aren’t expecting it. As the bat observation gets more popular this will be less of a problem.

There is a history around this observation that will interest anyone in Austin. In the 1980s, when the congress avenue bridge was being built, a group of bats had arrived from Brazil. The engineers didn’t know this, but it would create the ideal environment for bats that wanted to live in the area. Before, it used to just be a headlined that surprised the residents of the city, now it’s a part of the culture that people accept. At first, people wanted the bats to exterminated, but eventually, there would be other groups that wanted to save the bats.

The Statesman Bat Observation Center Austin is a non-profit organization and needs funding to be able to save the bats. Their need to be a lot of experts who can control the bats and tell the people what to do. They also have to account for emergencies if someone were to get hurt. Sponsors are a great thing specifically for this project, because they acknowledge it as a part of the culture and want to do more to preserve. It also shows that there is an interest in helping these animals be watched.

Also, another place to visit is the World’s Largets Longhorn.

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