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Top 5 places to visit in Austin

In this article, we show you the best things you can do when you think to visiting Austin. This city is known as the capital of live music. This city has more concert halls per capita. Since music and film festivals are held, among them we can mention the South by Southwest.

In addition to its cinematographic and musical attractions, this city has a unique personality, as it has a contrast between the Texan culture and the sophistication of the great metropolises of the United States. In addition to its Texas Barbecue gastronomy and Tex-Mex cuisine, and its variety of urban and contemporary art museums, neighborhoods, and the heart of downtown commerce.

1. Visit the Texas Capitol

This Texas city-state capitol is a must-see when you come to Austin. This 19th-century building was built with materials such as limestone, it even has the highest position in the whole country and currently receives visits from many tourists from both the country and foreign tourists who seek to know a little more about history. of the state of Texas.

You can also visit its beautiful gardens and you can go up to the dome to enjoy the panoramic view of the entire city, try to go with a group and receive a tour of the galleries inside the Capitol.

2. Walkthrough Congress Avenue Historic District:

Congress Avenue is a famous street that crosses part of Downtown Austin. It is a part of the historic sites and has a large area of ​​10 blocks from the Ann W. Richards Bridge and arriving at the Texas Capitol.

Here you will find a commercial dynamic, where you can find cafes, restaurants, museums, and shops. Not to mention the buildings such as the Paramount Theater and the State Theater, you also find the Old Bakery and Emporium converted into a store where you can buy different souvenirs.

3. South Congress District

To the south of the city, it has the name of the South Congress District or known among the locals as SoCo. This district extends between 10 blocks from Congress Avenue with Nellie St. to Johanna St. This commercial district has an area full of different restaurants, shops to buy clothes, bars to have a drink, cafes, and hotels to stay, among others.

You can go shopping at Allen’s Boots, where you can choose from 4,000 models of cowboy boots, you can have ice cream at Amy’s Ice Creams, which is a famous chain locally. Enjoy concerts with live music at the Continental Club or you can stay at the mythical roadside hotel like the Austin Motel. Or visit Jo’s Cafe and take your typical photo in the famous tag “I love you so much”. Believe me, you will not lack options when you are looking for things to do in this district.

4. You can pay a visit to the Bullock Texas History State Museum

Learn more about the history of Texas in a different experience than you can experience by visiting the facilities of this museum since it has a variety of exhibits that will take you to the era of Spanish and French colonization.

On the other hand, inside this building there is a cafe where you can have a snack to continue your journey, these minutes are good to rest and process the interesting information that this museum offers you, you just have to arrive at a good time in the morning to get a good place and you can enjoy all its exhibits.

5. Blanton Museum of Art

This art museum is the perfect place for fans who appreciate good art, this place you must visit when you visit Austin if you want to go to a table that offers you public works of contemporary and modern art. This place is the perfect one for you, believe me, the experience is great.

You can find this museum at the University of Texas, so you can see the facilities of the university and then visit the 18,000 pieces of art that this museum offers you with different periods, styles, and continents. Another point that is worth highlighting is that his collection of works is an example of Austin, everything is symbolic of the city and these were made by artists like Ellsworth Kelly.