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Residential Painting

How Residential Painting Brings Value To Your Home

Residential Painting

Painting is indeed the best way to make your house look beautiful and lively but do you know it can add so much value to your residential property?

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or already found a broker and proceeding to further moves, you can ask for thousands of dollars extra just by painting your interiors and exteriors. As per a general survey, painting a residential property can increase its value by 2 to 3 percent. Still don’t believe us? Here are the reasons:

Below are the 5 ways of bringing value to your home by painting it :

1.Painting The Exteriors Make The House Look Appealing

A study stated that property owners who have painted their homes received about 51% of the return of investment or simply ROI. This might be a great reason to paint your home but this isn’t it. There are plenty of other benefits as well.

When a buyer comes to have a look at your home, he will be instantly impressed by the fine glossy finish of your home. Painting is the first thing that gets noticed by anyone and everyone. This will ensure him that the price he’s going to pay for this house is totally worth it. Moreover, painting also prevents your home from environmental elements such as rain, sun, heat, wind, and so on. A great exterior paint will keep your home protected for a longer time and will prevent chipping and fading as well.

2. A Well-Painted Kitchen Can Allow You To Quote A Great Price

You can add up to 2 to 3 dollars to the actual price of your home just by painting the kitchen. Yes, you’ve read it right. According to an analysis, homeowners prefer the kitchen with dark cabinets and light (preferably white) color walls. In fact, dark-colored walls can act as a huge turn off for a buyer. By painting your kitchen, you can give it a renovated look while saving on the entire renovation cost.

3. Painted Bedrooms Gives The Most Impressive ROI

Bedrooms are often the most important areas that act as a deciding factor for a potential buyer. Hence, it is very important to work on the looks of your bedrooms. If your bedrooms have dark, saturated walls, it could break your deal. The reason is, light colors look much attractive in the daylight and the eyes of buyers. Most of the homeowners prefer their bedrooms to be very neutral with greige and light grey colors. On seeing such soulful colors in a house, they can readily agree on paying thousands of dollars extra.

Painting your bedrooms can make them look clean, fresh, and stylish which is very important from a buyer’s perspective.

4. Painted Bathrooms Looks More Appealing

Many homeowners tend to ignore the makeover of bathrooms and wash areas while preparing their homes for selling which is exactly what you should avoid. If your bathrooms are looking dull and untidy, a buyer will naturally try to negotiate with you. On the other hand, a bathroom with beautiful light blue or soft grey walls makes it look super fresh, neat, clean, and give an idea to the buyer that it is freshly renovated.

Light colors are recommended for the bathrooms because they go well with other accessories such as the cabinets, towels, etc. They make the other thing pop and offer a fresh and comfortable feel which every buyer wishes for.

5. Interior Painting Brings More Value To Your Home

We have already mentioned umpteen times in this post that saturated and dark colors can be a huge turn-off to your buyers. If your interiors are of such colors and you are looking for Austin TX Painters, don’t think anything and go for a paint upgrade. These days, soft grey, beige and greige (grey +beige) and other pastel colors are so much in trend. These can make your house look ever stylish and beautiful and also offer great appeal to potential buyers.