All you need to know when visiting Austin Nature & Science Center

Austin Nature & Science Center

What are the opening hours of the Austin Nature & Science Center (ANSC)?

It is opened every Monday to Saturday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.

The site is closed due to certain official holidays in the city of Austin and certain events in the region. Therefore, read the information on the Austin Science and Nature Center website.


How much does a visit cost?

There is free entry for individuals and families visiting the exhibitions and exploring the site.

Organized groups wishing to visit alone will incur a fee of $ 1.00 per person. These visits can be planned with the visitor service.

Camps, most educational programs, adventure experiences, etc. They are chargeable, must be registered and planned.

Most of the special events on the website are free. Marketing materials for each event indicate if there is a fee.

Is there a site map?

Yes, the ANSC site map contains exhibits, buildings, hiking trails and more.

Where is it situated?

The ANSC is located in the northwest corner of Zilker Park on Stratford Drive. Please note the card.

Where to park

The ANSC public parking lot is located under the Mopac flyby at Stratford Drive 2389, Austin, Texas 78746. See the map.

The accessible parking spaces are located near the entrance to our primary location at Stratford Drive 2389 and are connected to the ADA compliant driveway.

After parking, cross Stratford Dr. safely to the ANSC aisle on the west side of the MoPac, which leads to the visitor’s lodge, public washrooms and other on-site facilities.

What is the email address?

Austin Nature and Science Center, 301 Nature Center Drive, Austin, Texas 78746

Is the ANSC on Facebook?

Yes, we are. Click “Like” on our Austin Science and Nature Center Facebook page to stay informed with ANSC. We usually share information timely there.

What programs are offered?

The ANSC offers a variety of programs for individuals and groups, including schools, home schools and more. Our programs start at the age of 3 and are aimed at adults. You can find more information on our websites about education, events, camps and programs.

What volunteer or internship opportunities does the ANSC offer?

We offer volunteer opportunities in many areas of the ANSC, including programming, exhibitions, landscaping and more. For more information, see ANSC Volunteer Opportunities.

The GivePulse Volunteers Portal (ANSC page) acts as the website for registering volunteers for the available ANSC projects and events.

How to rent conference rooms?

We do not rent our classrooms or the building site.

Does the ANSC organize birthday parties for children?

Yes. Birthday parties are planned/reserved and limited to certain days/months of the year.

What are the opening hours of the Zilker nature reserve?

From morning to night. NOTE: one of the reserve’s parking lots (under the Mopac flyover on Nature Center Drive) and the highway doors (right on Barton Springs Road) are closed and closed daily at 5:00 p.m Please note the card.

Can I bring my pet with me?

No, the ANSC and the nature reserves have strict rules in which no animal is specified. This serves to protect local wildlife.

Can I leave the trails and explore?

No, hiking trails are designed to protect wildlife among other ecological features that have a high sensitivity. Avoid leaving traces, preserve and respect the ANSC site and the protected country for the next visitor. Nothing can be removed from parks or reserves.

What can I do when I visit the Austin Nature & Science Center and its surroundings?

The ANSC offers a variety of programs, exhibitions and activities related to nature. Visitors can have fun in the Austin Forest & Science Center’s forest trail, wildlife exhibits, Dino Pits Fossil Dig, a variety of temporary and permanent exhibitions, the Naturalists’ Workshop and its trading post (limited duration), bird watching and accessible hiking trails across the forest and pond system among others.

The ANSC is located next to the Zilker Nature Reserve, where you can hike and explore on your own. Access is via a path near the visitors’ pavilion and behind the Birds of Prey exhibit during regular ANSC office hours. Austin’s nature conservation system offers many opportunities for nature walks and nature-oriented programs.

Travelling exhibitions on nature and science are regularly organized in the visitors’ pavilion. Information, if available, is available on the exhibition website.

Special events (such as Austin Nature Day, the Fall Festival and other family events) are held at different times of the year. Information, if available, is available on the event website.

The Beverly S. Sheffield Education Center, home of the Splash! The exhibit is a satellite location of the Austin Nature & Science Center at Zilker Park Bathhouse at 2201 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX 78746.

Adventure experiences, skills in-home lessons and birthday parties require registration and are subject to charges. Visit the ANSC camps and programs website for more information.

Summer camps, spring camps, winter camps, and school camps for vacation purposes are available with registration/fees and are not available for visitor cancellations. Visit the camps and programs website for more information.

After you finish your ANSC tour, there are other interesting sites nearby, for example, B. Zilker Botanical Garden, Barton Springs Swimming Pool, Circulating Sculpture Garden and much more. You are in the Zilker metropolitan park.

Discover Zilker Trek. Enjoy an entertaining, self-guided and practical multimedia tour through eight specific areas found in the Zilker Park. It is a nature walk that combines new technologies and old technology. Zilker Trek consists of ten interdisciplinary segments and uses an iPod, a map, help sheets and a journal.

Capital Area Master Naturalists (CAMN) is organizing its monthly meeting/speaker series at the ANSC. Contact CAMN for the date and time.

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