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Whether you have a home, business, or any other building in the Austin area that needs a new paint project completed, Tex Painting is the experienced and professional exterior painting company for you. We specialize in many exterior painting services and projects, including deck and porch staining and commercial office building painting.

After the initial on-site project evaluation and estimate, and before we begin the exterior painting process, we complete a thorough preparation job outside of your Austin area home or business. This preparation job includes:

  • Covering & Protecting Your Shrubbery & Flowers/Flowerbeds
  • Protecting of Windows & Other Exterior Home Features
  • Prepare Siding, Corner Boards, & Trim-work
  • Prepping New Wood With Primer
  • Caulking to Seal Joints & Preserve Wood
  • Puttying All Trim work
  • Power Washing Exterior Surfaces To Be Painted
  • Completing a Final Customer Confirmation of All Project Colors, Styles, & Designs

Preparation is key

The secret to a long lasting exterior painting job is the preparation. We pressure wash every exterior painting project, scrape and sand loose, chipping paint and prime the bare wood surfaces. Our painters caulk all of the gaps and cracks to properly seal and prevent moisture penetration.

Tex Painters use only the highest quality paints and materials, ensuring that our painting projects last for many years to come. Depending on the size and characteristics of the house or building, our painting professionals use spraying, brushing, or rolling application methods.

We provide any lifts, scaffolds, or ladders needed to reach the upper levels of your home or business. If you have an exterior painting project in Austin or its surrounding areas, choose Tex Painting.